The goal of this paper is to show the relationship between the mass media and professional sport, with special focus on both the positive and negative impact the mass media might have on the development of sport, complete with changes which the mass media trigger in sport as such. In order to do so, the paper employs a range of theories, including the structural-functional theory, symbolic interactionism and, to a certain extent, the theory of social conflict. Several research methods have been used as well, including the inductive and deductive methods, the idiographic and nomothetic methods and an analysis of publications dealing with the subject. The links and interrelations between sport and the mass media are many and multilayered and opinions on them differ greatly. It is not possible to unequivocally decide whether they are good or bad as far as contemporary people and the modern civilisation are concerned. Like most social and cultural phenomena, they certainly can be both. The mass media and sport are two domains which influence each other and each of them has changed because of the other. One could say that nowadays, the mass media and sport form an almost perfect union.



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