Background: The aim of the study was to assess physical activity undertaken by the students of Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk, Poland (AWFiS) in their free time in the academic year 1999/2000 and 2009/2010 and the direction of changes in this scope. Material/Methods: Students at the Faculty of Physical Education at AWFiS were subject to research in the academic years 1999/2000 and 2009/2010. 639 students were examined (42% women, 58% men). The research was based on a diagnostic survey with an author’s own questionnaire containing questions from the scope of physical activity and participation in its forms. Results: Mean values of BMI, body weight and height were higher amongst students beginning studies in 2009/2010. The BMI in the academic year 1999/2000, both for female and male students was lower than in 2009/2010. Irrespective of the year of examinations and the gender, the majority of the respondents were characterized by DPA (declared physical activity): 60.86% of the whole sample in 1999 and 47.1% in 2009; this difference was statistically significant. In our own research a decreasing tendency of the students’ declared physical activity was observed. Percentage drop in students with GPA (great physical activity) and an increasing percentage of LPA (low physical activity) and UPA (moderate physical activity) - both in women and men. Conclusions: The year of the research was a factor diversifying the level of the respondents’ physical activity.



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