Background: The value of volleyball players’ reach is often critical to their efficient functioning in the game. It depends on the jumping ability factor and the player’s body build. An analysis of this parameter is particularly difficult to carry out in real conditions of the game. The objective of the research was to determine the height of reach in basic technical and tactical actions of leading Polish volleyball players during a match in regard to their maximum values measured in laboratory conditions. Material/Methods: The study involved five volleyball players, Polish representatives of different specialization in the game: the attacker, the setter, the middle blocker and two receivers. The study made use of a camcorder and an innovative computer program AS-4, which enables measuring the value of reach at which tactical and technical actions are carried out in the game. Results: A total of 378 tactical and technical actions of the tested players were registered. It turned out that they were performed at the level of (reach) 87.4% in comparison to the maximum reach measured in laboratory conditions. Conclusions: Values of reach achieved by the tested volleyball players have a significant, positive correlation with results obtained in individual sets. The values closest to the value of the maximum reach were reported in attack, the lowest ones in setting.



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