Background: The paper discusses factors which determine young people’s recreational activity in their leisure time. Learning about the factors of recreational activity will support efficient promotion of active lifestyles, improvement in health condition and education of young people, and participation in different forms of recreation. Material/Methods: In order to conclude on the statistical significance of the relationships and the strength of correlation between the variables, the author used Pearson's chi-square test for independence and Cramer's V coefficient. The research hypothesis was tested at two levels: α = 0.01 (denoted in the paper as **) and α = 0.05 (denoted in the paper as *). The study was carried out among the subjects from a homogeneous age group of young people (15 to 19 years old) from secondary schools in the Greater Poland Voivodeship. The survey covered a research sample of 600 people. Results: The survey, carried out among young people aged 15 to 19 years, found that recreational activity in both genders diminished with age. The study also showed that the studied young people participated in the following forms of recreation in their leisure time: computer (24.86%), cycling (18.59%), team games (14.35%), walking (7.79%), swimming (7.49%), spending time in a café or a pub (5.87%) and going to the cinema (0.42%). Among the factors that determine recreational activity, the significant role is played by financial factors, lack of interest in recreational activity, lack of free time and recreational equipment. Conclusions: Rational participation in recreational activity contributes to maintaining health and affects good mood of individuals. A system of education should be created in society to promote recreational activity among young people and its effect on the quality of health and life.



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