Background: This article presents the procedure of the elaboration and verification of the first Polish Sense of Team Efficacy Questionnaire (Kwestionariusz Poczucia Druzynowej Skutecznosci – KPDS). Material/Methods: Two research stages involved a total of 373 professional athletes. Based on the collected data, the internal structure and psychometric properties of the instrument were established. Results: As a result of the conducted statistical analyses, a questionnaire was obtained. Analyses confirmed the stability of the internal structure of the questionnaire. The instrument also obtained satisfactory coefficients of reliability (using Cronbach’s alpha internal reliability coefficient) and construct validity. In order to establish the convergent and discriminant validity of the KPDS, the analysis of the multitrait-multimethod matrix was applied, using the Group Environment Questionnaire (GEQ). Predictive validity was established using the result obtained in a match played directly after the conducted study. Conclusions: The obtained results confirmed the relevance of creating the KPDS. The questionnaire was made up of 21 items representing 4 subscales: fitness, preparation, effort and endurance. Calculation of a general score for the KPDS also proved to be possible.



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