Background: Little research providing reliable information on the popularity of sauna among university students has been found in Polish and foreign literature. The aim of the study was to assess the influence of socioeconomic and psychological factors on the popularity of sauna among female university students. It was also examined whether sauna use exerted any influence on the students’ well-being. Material/Methods: The research was conducted in 2012 with 550 first-year female students, aged 19-20. The research was carried out with a diagnostic survey method using an anonymous questionnaire. Results: Our findings revealed that the applied socioeconomic factors (permanent place of residence, parents’ educational background and the students’ monthly budget) as well as psychological factors (the evaluation of the sauna during bathing and the following day) significantly affected the frequency of sauna use. The research revealed a significant and positive influence of the sauna use on the students’ well-being (during bathing and the following day). Conclusions: Sauna exerts a positive influence on students’ mental well-being and should be used as a calming and relaxing method which could be implemented in the physical activity as well as health programs. Despite the statistically significant differences, the effects of the factors under investigation were analyzed only within a partial range due to a relatively low level of interest among the students in taking sauna bathing.



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