Background: Facing a growing diversity of needs, preferences and behaviors among sports events consumers, the segmentation of this market has become a key aspect in designing and implementing marketing programs. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to create a 2012 UEFA Euro Championship consumer typology that adopts a segmentation method based on socio-demographic and behavioral variables. Material/Methods: Sample CAPI surveys were conducted among viewers of the 2012 UEFA European Championship (N = 1,000). Consumer profiles were analyzed by adopting basic criteria of marketing segmentation based on socio-economic, demographic and psychographic variables. Due to a hierarchical clustering, authors obtained five groups of consumers: heavy, moderate, light, very light and non-viewers. Results: The study proved that an individually prepared therapeutic program including postisometric relaxation and combination therapy improves ROM in all planes of hip joins in osteoarthritis. It was also stated that after 2 pain assessment tests (the VAS and Laitinen scales) the therapy was confirmed to be a successful method in pain relief. The researchers also noticed that systematically conducted therapy led to reducing the incidence of pain which is manifested by limitation of pharmacotherapy. Conclusions: Data analysis showed a relationship between consumer behaviors and the respondents’ gender, age, place of residence. A new typology of segments of Euro 2012 fans was created.



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