Background: The aim of the research was to assess the longitudinal and the transverse shape of the foot arch in male and female pole vaulters. Material/Methods: The research involved 14 women and 16 men training pole vault professionally and possessing the highest level of sport’s proficiency. The assessment of the foot arch was made in static conditions, using a podoscope. The longitudinal foot arch was assessed by Clarke’s method and the transverse foot arch was based on the calcaneal angle. Results: The obtained results showed that the correct and excessive foot arch occur most frequently. Conclusions: Numerous technical exercises performed by pole vaulters on the forefoot and toes strengthen the foot (shortening muscles responsible for a proper level of the longitudinal and the transverse foot arch) and result in the correct or excessive arch in the right and the left foot.



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Monika Opanowska https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6839-5753