Background: The purpose of the study was to develop a model mapping the efficiency of actions of futsal goalkeepers based on observation of their game in eight matches of the cup finals the World and European Championships in 2012. Material/Methods: Data about the game were recorded on originally developed observation sheets. Activity, effectiveness and reliability of particular offensive and defensive actions aiming at achieving objectives of the game were investigated. Results: It was found that in attack futsal goalkeepers mostly perform actions whose aim is to gain the playfield with the ball by passing it with a foot from the ground and to keep the ball by receiving it from partner. In turn, in defense, they mostly prevent losing goals by pushing the ball. Conclusions: The created models of players’ performance should be used to create models shaping the game of players of a lower level of proficiency in order to improve the efficiency of their games as well as to develop individual programs of training for futsal goalkeepers.



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