Background: The course of match actions is definitely gaining pace and dynamics because offensive and aggressive styles of the game are preferred. So there is no doubt that an appropriate level of competitors’ physical preparation has a fundamental meaning. The goal of the research was to determine changes in special fitness efficiency. Material/Methods: The research was based on a group of 16 tennis players aged 10 training tennis in the annual training cycle. In order to evaluate the level of special fitness efficiency, two tests reflecting physical fitness were used: “The game against the wall” and “The test of 100 balls”. Results: Results of the examination showed a significant difference in the fitness level, and the analysis points out an influence of sports training on changes in special fitness efficiency. Conclusions: Significant differences in the level of special fitness efficiency in the study group of tennis players can be a result of an individual rate of assimilation of motor skills and the development of the motor skills level. A balanced and dynamic growth of the pace of development in special fitness efficiency of young tennis players can testify to the proper achievement of the program content that is favorable to the proper mastery of technical skills in tennis. In the tests of “The game against the wall” and “The test of 100 balls” the significance of differences between average results of the first and fourth term of the test was found, which means that sport training influences special fitness efficiency.



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Tomasz Waldzinski https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3181-6283