Background: The quality of life is determined by numerous factors, among others, social, biological and psychological ones, whereas satisfaction with life and good self-esteem related to health are one of its main measures. The purpose of the paper was to determine the quality of life of the Third Age University students. Material/Methods: The study group involved 130 students of the University of the Third Age in Kętrzyn and Szczytno. The vast majority were women (90.00%; n = 117), and their mean age was 65.4 ±5.9 years. The study used the author's questionnaire containing questions about socio-demographic data and the WHOQoL-BREF questionnaire allowing to obtain the quality of life profile within four domains: somatic, psychological, social, environmental ones. The significance level p < 0.05 was assumed to interpret the hypotheses. Results: In the analysis, the somatic domain had the highest scores (14.58 ±3.10), while the social domain had the lowest (13.03 ±3.48) one. The mean level of satisfaction with the overall quality of life was (3.58 ±0.68), and it was higher when compared to satisfaction with the overall quality of health (3.31 ±0.97). The material-financial situation significantly determined the respondents' quality of life within three domains: somatic (H = 9.94; p < 0.02), social (H = 10.37; p < 0.02), environmental (H = 17.58; p < 0.0005). Whereas, their education had a significant (H = 8.41; p < 0.04) effect on the sense of the quality of life in the psychological domain. Persons with secondary education pointed to a higher level of the quality of life than those with primary education. Conclusions: The improvement in the material-financial situation will positively affect the perception of the quality of life within three domains: somatic, social, and environmental ones.



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