Background: The aim of the current investigation was to examine the effects of semi-custom and off-the-shelf orthotics on the loads experienced by the patellofemoral joint and the Achilles tendon in female runners. Material and Methods: Twelve female recreational runners ran at 4.0 m.s‑1 whilst wearing no orthotics, semi-custom orthotics and off-the-shelf orthotics. Kinetics and kinematics of running were obtained via a force platform and a motion capture system. Differences between orthotic conditions were contrasted using one-way repeated measures ANOVA. Results: The results showed that both patellofemoral contact force and pressure were significantly lower in the no-orthotic (force = 3.21 B.W & pressure = 8.18 MPa) condition in comparison to the off-the-shelf (force = 3.60 MPa & pressure = 9.07 B.W) and semi-custom orthoses (force = 3.69 B.W & pressure = 9.30 MPa). Conclusions: The current investigation indicates that foot orthoses such as those examined in the current investigation may place female runners at increased risk from patellofemoral disorders, although future prospective research is required before this can be substantiated.



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