Background: The aim of the research was to establish the types and incidence of motor organ injuries in young volleyball players and to indicate methods of preventing them. Material/Methods: The research was carried out in a population of 70 volleyball players aged 16-19, students of the Sports Championships Schools No. 2 and 3 in Gdansk, players of the Lotos Trefl Gdansk sports club. The employed method was a diagnostic survey based on an original questionnaire entitled "The Characteristics of Motor Organ Injuries in Young People Aged 16-19 Who Train Volleyball." Results: 85.7% adolescent players experienced different motor organ injuries, the main cause being overtraining and fatigue. It was found the majority of injuries were localised to upper and lower limbs. It was also found that joint dislocations were the most frequent type of trauma experienced by study participants (93.3%). Conclusions: The most frequent cause of sport injuries, in the opinion of adolescent volleyball players, were overtraining and fatigue, which may suggest the injuries could result from training errors and incorrect performance of technical tasks.



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