The present study aimed to compare various physical and body composition profiles of Indian male and female gymnasts and also to compare the above parameters with their international/national peers. The study was conducted on 15 male (age = 19.2 ±3.75 years) and 16 female Indian gymnasts (age = 16.4 ±2.99 years). Various physical and body composition parameters were measured using standard methods. The female gymnasts were found to have a higher amount of fat mass and volumes of extracellular water than their male and international peers while the males had a higher amount of fat free mass than females but less than their international peers. Also male gymnasts had a higher amount of body cell mass (BCM) and muscle mass (MM) than females and their international peers. The hand grip strengths, trunk flexibility, relative back strength and electrolytes were also found to be greater in male gymnasts. Significant positive correlations were observed in BCM and MM with calcium, potassium, glycogen and mineral content in both male and female gymnasts. These profiles of gymnasts may be used as a tool for evaluation & assessment and a future comparison for the improvement in performance.



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