The study aim was to evaluate the effect of a 6-week modified workout routine using the modified circuit weight method on selected anthropometric measures, components of physical fitness and physiological indices in competitive basketball players. The study involved 30 basketball players (mean age: 23.4 ±1.8 years). Modified circuit weight method sessions were repeated 3 times a week. Each training session was subdivided into 3 circuits: strength conditioning, exercises to enhance functional fitness and a circuit of sport-specific exercises. Statistically significant differences in values of circumferences and skinfolds were found between pre-test and post-test values, with no statistically significant changes in body mass and total body water. A statistically significant improvement was observed in motor ability tests, except for the barbell bench press test (p = 0.096). Statistically significant differences were also found in the values of physiological indices. The 6-week training using modified circuit weight method induced positive adaptations in most of the diagnosed anthropometric indicators, components of physical fitness and physiological parameters. This supports the notion of the comprehensive effect of such training on human body and suggests its usefulness for both athletes involved in specific sports and in health-oriented training of amateur athletes.